As if you needed any more reasons to hop on a flight to Mongolia and attend the next Naadam festival…

When this guy dazzled everyone around him with his concentration and accuracy:

Archer shooting an arrow at the Mongolian Naadam Festival

When the ladies took the stage and showed us what girl power means in Mongolia:

Women competing in the Naadam archery competition in Mongolia

When this old guy showed off his collection of medals and made everyone wonder how he got them:

Mongolian men with medals at Naadam

When the Mongolian mafia rode into town à la Blazing Saddles with cellphones:

Mongolian mafia at naadam

When this guy made wearing hats awesome again:

Man wearing hat in Mongolia at Naadam

When it started drizzling and a sea of umbrellas appeared:

stadium at naadam ulaanbaatar

When these parents tied the most adorable toddler ever to a horse and redefined cuteness:

two little kids on a horse in mongolia

When these three kiddos made competing in two hour long horse races look easy:

Horse racers in Mongolia at Naadam

When the wrestling started to get intense and sweaty:

wrestling at naadam in mongolia

And when this wrestler showed his butt off to the amazed crowd:

wrestlers butt at naadam, mongolia

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