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          Well hello there!

My name is Tiffany and I’m a Swiss photographer and travel writer who, after a fateful journey through Africa, has decided to get her passport renewed, sell most of her junk, and live out of a suitcase in various corners of the world occasionally. Of course, these nifty travel experiences and photos have to be shared with other enthusiasts and this is how this blog came to be. Above all, it is intended to inspire you to go head out into the world around you, be it on a far away journey or discovering what’s just beyond your doorstep.

Preferably with a camera.

Photography is my big passion and I love sharing with you what I have learned via lots of helpful tutorials and tips. So check out my photography tutorials and learn how to be a better photographer!

Now, before I get hundreds of questions by mentioning that I’m living in Switzerland, here are some things you have to know about me: yes, I like chocolate, cheese, the mountains, and I watched Heidi in my childhood. I feel naked without my watch and I’m incredibly punctual, but no, I can neither yodel or play the alphorn, do not own any cows, and have never lived in a little mountain hut on an alp.

While I’d love to own a cow – they are cute, admit it – you will just have to trust me on the yodeling. No matter how late or early it is, how inebriated I am or how many times you ask, I absolutely lack the ability to produce these beguiling calls of the mountain. Stop asking.


So far, I have travelled across Europe, North America, South America Asia, and Africa and I will not rest until I can cross the other three continents off my bucket list as well. An then, I’ll probably travel some more because I don’t seem to be able to sit still in one place for too long.

Travel and Photography with me is never boring. I have a fondness of throwing myself out of airplanes, I’m happy to eat maggots, worms and grasshoppers, and can discuss its culinary merits. I generally live by the motto the wilder the better”. So get yourself a beer, lean back, and take a plunge into the adventure of my life .

Ich in Mati Si, China