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It has been an amazing year.

2013 has probably been my best year so far, or at the very least, the craziest. Only twelve months ago, I was stuck in an office, working a boring job that sucked every little bit of life and passion out of me and living in a city I didn’t even like. Since then, I have quit my job, met my wonderful boyfriend Brendan on a sand dune in Namibia, threw out all my previous plans for my future and started long term travelling.  2013 took me across three vastly different continents, to 21 countries and provided me with countless adventures.

I raced horses in Malawi, saw the great migration in the Serengeti, almost drowned while rafting the Zambezi River, went skydiving in Swakopmund, didn’t shower for a week in Botswana, fell in love with Cape Town, experienced the weed culture in Amsterdam, went caving under Budapest, got writers block in Central Europe, visited a church filled with 40’000 human skeletons, talked to carpet sellers in Istanbul and got attacked by monkeys in Indonesia. I slept in tents, on trucks, next to a fire with nothing but the stars above me, on boats, in dingy hostels and fancy hotels.

And I took a lot of Photos.


Elephants in the Serengeti

“Elephant Family”
The Serengeti is hands down one of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. And baby elephants are the cutest, maybe even cuter than cats.

A herd of Zebra and Wildebeest in the Ngorongoro Crater

“Crater Safari”
A herd of wildebeest in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Fixing up a house in Zanzibar.

“Colourful Stone Town”
Fixing up a blue house in Zanzibar.


Kids in Malawi

“Kids gone crazy”
There is just too much awesome going on in this picture. The kids in Malawi LOVE to be in photos, doing crazy poses and being all around cool fellas.

A fishing village on Lake Malawi.

“Dried fish”
A fishing village on Lake Malawi.


Kids in a tree

“Kids in a tree”
Kids in a rural village posing for more photos – this time in a tree.

Zebra crossing

“Zebra Crossing”
Zebras not giving a shit.


Mist from Victoria Falls.

“Is it raining?”
Mists rising from Victoria Falls.

Almost drowning in the Zambezi River.

“Zambezi Adventure”
This is me, almost drowning in the Zambezi River.


Polers in the Okavango Delta.

“Polers in the Okavango Delta”
It’s not as easy as it looks.

Bushmen in the Kalahari.

Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert demonstrating their tracking skills.


Skydiving in Swakopmund

“Catching Air”
Skydiving over Swakopmund.

Sand boarding in the desert

Sand boarding in the desert – and Zachary the dog.

Himba child

“Himba child”

South Africa:

Cape Town at dawn

“Waking up Cape Town”
Cape Town early in the morning. I loved that city so much, that I can actually picture myself living there one day.


“Camps Bay”
The perfect place?


The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

“Home for a while”
I was back in Lucerne for a while, visiting my family.


The Berlin Dome

“Light Trails”
Experimenting with light trails in front of the Berlin Cathedral.

Brendan at the jew memorial

Brendan at the memorial to the murdered jews of Europe.

At the Berlin Wall

“Art and Graffiti”
Enjoying and hating the different forms of art covering the wall at the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

Czech Republic:

Guards at the Prague castle.

A visit to Prague castle led to me taking many pictures of the castle guards.

Charles Bridge in Prague

“Creepy Statues”
The statues lining the Charles Bridge in Prague turn into imposing black shapes at dusk and dawn.

Skull in the Sedlec Ossuary, also called the bone church

“Church of Bones”
Skull at the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora.


Schönbrunn castle

“Architecture Overload”
Too much grey and too much pretty architecture pretty much sums up my day at the Schönbrunn palace in Vienna.

Colourful bird at the house of the sea

“Escape to the Zoo”
Colourful bird at the House of the Sea.

The opera house

“The Opera House”
More beautiful architecture.


Bratislava Castle

Escaping manicured Europe to graffiti-covered, gritty Bratislava. This is the Bratislava Castle, which pretty much looks like more boring architecture, but actually is very cool.


Chain Bridge in Budapest

“Chain Bridge”
I had lots of fun photographing the Danube and the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament

“Hungarian Parliament”
Probably one of the prettiest buildings in Europe.



“Back to Nature”
Lake Bled and its famous island.

Castle in Bled

“Winter is Coming”
First snow of the year in the mountains behind Bled Castle.

Vintgar Gorge

The beautiful Vintgar Gorge was closed, but I went in anyway.

Castle at night

Bled Castle giving off quite the colourful glow at night.


View of Dubrovnik

“King’s Landing”
View of Dubrovnik, filming location of my favourite show Game of Thrones.

Sansa's Dock

“Sansa’s Pier”
One of the film sets that Game of Thrones fans should recognize.

A day in Brac

“A Day in Brac”
Brendan and I took a ferry from Split to the Island of Brac.

Evening in Split

“Evening in Split”
Split was a beautiful city to photography, but Brendan and I mostly spent our days there relaxing and taking a break from travelling.

Plitvice Lakes

“Plitvice Lakes”
This absolutely stunning national park proved to be a mixed bag: stunning scenery on one hand, impenetrable mists and bad organization on the other.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Sarajevo Cathedral

Some good old night-time photography in Sarajevo.

United Nothing

“United Nothing”
A picture of a picture, but still one of my absolute favourites.


My favourite European city.


The blue mosque

“Blue Mosque”
The mosques of Istanbul were pretty loud and tended to wake me up early in the morning, but they sure were beautiful to look at.

Cat in Istanbul

One of my favourite pastimes in Istanbul was taking pictures of the many happy well-fed cats.

Galata Bridge

“Galata Bridge”
I loved the many restaurants lining the Galata Bridge.


Surfers beach

“Sunshine and Beaches”
Surfers Beach in Bali.

Hindu celebration at Tanah Lot

“Hindu Celebration”
A Hindu ceremony at the Tanah Lot temple in Bali.

Monkey at the Uluwatu Temple

“Beware of the Monkeys!”
Monkeys at the Uluwatu Temple: cute, but always ready to attack.

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Tiffany is a Swiss travel writer, digital nomad, and photographer, who, after a fateful journey through Africa, has decided to get her passport renewed, sell all her junk, and live out of a suitcase in various corners of the world, as well as share the experiences with other travel enthusiasts. This blog is intended to inspire you to pack your bags, leave everything behind for a while, and make you go discover the world. Check her out on .

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  1. Zara @ Backpack ME

    Just discovered your blog reading your “love story” on Brendan’s blog (and that was really cute, by the way).
    Just like him, you’ve also made a collection of beautiful travel photos and moments during 2013 – thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you both amazing adventures during the new year! 🙂

  2. Erin

    What a beautiful blog! These photos make me incredible jealous but happy for you that you’ve gotten to experience it all 🙂 I’ll be back often.

  3. Travis

    Wow, what a year! Your photos are incredible! We definitely need to go to Africa – thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tiffany

      Definitely 🙂 let me know when you head to Africa, Brendan and I could probably give you guys lots of valuable tips.

  4. Mohd zuhaib

    Chain bridge, Budapest: OMG for a sec I thought it to be concrete ! is it really water?

  5. Joaquin

    Thanx for the Photography tips, congrats for that amazing life style, very inspiring.
    Gruss von Horw


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