If you love going to places with gorgeous beach environments, modern resorts and a bit of the ancient mixed in, why not try Tunisia?

Located on the northern-most tip of Africa, bordering the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and facing out towards Sicily, Malta and Sardinia, this is a holiday destination with a difference. Tunis is the country’s capital city and it’s a spectacular place to visit, perfect for soaking up the historic traditions and fascinating culture that makes Tunisia such a vibrant and fascinating holiday destination. Visit ancient Roman ruins like the beautifully preserved city of Dougga, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or experience the daily life of Tunis with its maze-like medinas, museums, and the striking Al-Zaytuna Mosque.

Tunis souk by Selmaej

If your holiday in Tunisia is more of a chance to escape the daily grind and soak up some sun, head to the main beach resorts of Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui, Sousse or Skanes.

Hammamet is a gorgeous spot that’s a real knock-out in the beauty stakes. Here you can enjoy pretty white-washed buildings framed against cloudless blue skies, and swathes of glittering golden sand that melts into sparkling seas. It’s a lovely spot with a relaxed environment, perfect for some much-needed R&R. Port El Kantaoui is a bit more happening – here you’ve got a beautiful yacht-filled marina which certainly has a jet-set vibe about it. Further south are the popular resorts of Sousse and Skanes. They’re both classic options for sun, sea and sand, and they’ve got their fair share of cultural sights and local customs too.

In Tunisia, you’re never far from a spectacular sight or an experience that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a pretty unique place that’s full of contrasts – from the dry dusty expanse of the Sahara Desert to its Caribbean-style beach resorts and coastal towns, Tunisia is full of surprises.

So whether you’re after five-star luxury with all the mod cons, a family-friendly beach holiday or a refreshing blend of beautiful beachscapes and local culture, Tunisia is a great holiday choice.

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