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Instead of doing a photos of the week post, this week I’ll give you a photo essay from Split and it’s adjoining island, Brač. After trudging through quite a few big European cities and visiting some great national parks like the Plitvice Lakes, Brendan and I were ready to breathe in some sea air and the smell of fish again. We wanted to feel the sun on our faces and wear flip flops. We wanted to dunk bread in olive oil and eat seafood.

The change in climate was sudden and very noticeable: We went from rainy and wintery Zagreb right to a mediterranean beach town on the adriatic coast. We could actually sip our coffees in t-shirts and enjoy the sun without fear of hypothermia! You wouldn’t believe how fast I ripped off my heavy jacket, dumped the hiking boots and threw the gloves to the farthest corner of the room. A few days of sun and warm weather was what we needed. We did plan on doing some work, but our four day stay in the area simply turned into a lot of relaxing and not so much exploring. Which means that I don’t have too much to talk about, but lots to show you.

Here comes the goodness from Split:

A beautiful view of Split's waterfront, where one can have a drink at the many (and expensive) restaurants, do some people watching or just enjoy a view of the ocean. If you're looking for something cheaper, everything outside the old town is very affordable.

A beautiful view of Split’s waterfront, where one can have a drink at the many (and expensive) restaurants, indulge in some people watching or just enjoy a view of the ocean. If you’re looking for something cheaper, everything outside the old town is very affordable.

Split was fairly empty and I could tell, that the main season was long over. The only time the town did fill up a bit, was when one of the gigantic cruise ships got in. The passengers would sweep through the city in a huge wave, and a few hours later we would have Split to ourselves again. Split has a beautiful old town and a lively waterfront with many restaurants and cafés to relax in. It’s easy to just see in a day, although it’s equally easy to spend a week and just relax by the sea.

Fisherman watching the ferry leave

A fisherman is watching the departure of a ferry, while patiently waiting for the fish to bite.

Old Town of Split

This is in the middle of the old town of Split, with lots of restaurants and shops lining the streets. As you can see, not a lot of people are out and about.

Pretty building in Split

I sadly do not remember the function of this building surrounding the Republic Square, nor what it is called. But it’s pretty, and that’s enough for a photo.

Old Town of Split

One more photo of the old town in Split.

Old guys hanging out at the waterfront

Just some cool old guys chilling at the waterfront and enjoying the beautiful and sunny afternoon.

Seagull on a boat engine

Well, it’s a seagull. I like seagulls.

The harbor at night

Split’s harbour at night. To the right are the ferry terminals, where ferries as well as the huge cruise ships arrive and depart.

Fisher watching the sea

There were a couple fishermen around, sitting calmly on the edge of the water and throwing out their fishing lines. They made for great photos, especially because they were sitting incredibly still.

View over Split

View over Split from a little hill we hiked. There is a cool restaurant/café up there, where one can enjoy a beer while watching the boats arrive and depart and the city bustle below.


And some photos of the beautiful island of Brač:

Old car on the island of Brač

The island of Brač is full of beautiful old cars. This is one of them, parked right at the waterfront.

We did want to see one of the islands just off the coast of Croatia and, because of the winter ferry schedule, decided on Brač. This island has very regular connections and can be reached in just under an hour. Just like Split, the tourists had abandoned the place and, apart from the locals, we were the only ones there. But judging by the many hotels, clubs and beach venues, Brač must be crawling with people in the high season.

Island of Brač

This is a typical ocean view on the island of Brač. As you can see, we were the only travellers out and about. Not a soul in sight.

A town square and church in Supetar

The town square in Supetar, with a cool church and mediterranean looking houses. Supetar is the small city on the northern side of Brač and is the official center of the island.

A typical street in Supetar

We did a quick hike around the town. This is a typical street in Supetar, the houses are super nice and there isn’t a modern building in sight.

Orange trees were everywhere

Every garden and every backyard has at least one orange tree in it. Even if you don’t like oranges, you will find yourself craving them. They look incredibly tasty.

Another street up the hills of Supetar

Another street up on the hills of Supetar.

Gate of an abandoned old house

This is the gate of an abandoned old house. I especially loved the chipped blue paint of the walls and the door.

Vespa in Supetar

Just like the ancient cars, old scooters are everywhere on Brač. The locals definitely have some kind of superior taste for cool vehicles.

Flower in a graveyard

A short walk along the ocean, we found a beautiful cemetery, belonging to the parish church of St.Peter. The small peninsula is actually the location where the settlement of Old Supetar once was. I have never seen so many beautiful flowers in one spot before, every grave was covered in them.

Flowers in a graveyard

Here’s a better view of the cemetery and the ocean behind it.


This is what the typical ferries going between Split and the islands look like.

Harbor in Supetar

And here come the famous evening shots. This is the harbour in Supetar, where the locals have tied up their boats.

More boats, more harbor and the moon in the distance.

More boats, more harbour and the moon in the distance.

Boats in the harbor of Supetar

Aaand that’s it! 

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  1. Gabriel

    Great shots! We have a few orange trees in our yard as well but they are of the sour variety. They still make good juice though!

  2. Travis

    Beautiful shots as usual. Glad to see you had better weather in Split. We really enjoyed our time there – it has a distinctly different feel than Zagreb or Dubrovnik. We loved getting out on the water as well. Safe travels!

    • Tiffany

      I was so glad to get back to the Mediterranean. Did you visit any islands when you were there? Safe travels to you too!


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