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It has been awfully quiet on the blog these past few days. For one reason: I was again out of internet reach in the deserts and wadis of Oman. Ok, once I got some 3G when I hopped around on a mountain like ET trying to call home. Anyways, these past few days, I’ve been part of a photo tour called Oman in Focus with about a dozen other photographers from around the world. At the end, I’ll present my three best photos at an exhibition in the Royal Opera House in Muscat. Exciting stuff all around.

I was incredibly happy to get the chance to photograph Oman, especially since my last amazing stay in the Middle East (love you Jordan, miss you Petra!) and to, admittedly forcedly, finally try my hand at portraits. I’m not a people person and I’d much rather point my camera at landscapes, wildlife and architecture instead of trying to convince an old Omani guy who doesn’t speak English to take his photo. Landscapes don’t object. A Zebra may point its butt at me, but the rejection doesn’t hurt as much. But on this tour through Oman, I didn’t have much of a choice. Thanks to some fairly poor oranization, we gazed at the most stunning landscapes in the middle of the day, when due to the harsh midday light, taking photos was simply out of the question. Therefore I had to adapt and switch to portrait photography and I even learned how to say “can I take your picture?” in Arabic (it’s “Momkin Asawerk?”).

Enjoy the first part of the photo series with pictures from the remote mountain village Wekal, the city Nakhal and it’s fort and some good blue hour stuff in Mussanah:

Old man in a village

Old man in a village of Wekan far up in the mountains of Wadi Mistal.

Omani Man in a mountain village

The national Omani dress, the dishdasha, is a white, ankle-lenght gown, usually adorned with a tassle at the neckline, called furakha.

Village Door

Oman has these colourful, intricate doors everywhere and they are all awesome.

Old man in a village

All I want is for this lovely old man in Wekan to be my grandpa, he was incredibly sweet.

Sleeping man on the steps of his house

Old man resting on his front steps in Nakhal.

ancient fort

Nakhal Fort in the Al Batinah Region of Oman.

ancient fort

The fort is located above the old village of Nakhal and at the foot of the Jebel Nakhal mountain range.

men in the old fort

Three local men wearing the dishdasha at the entrance to the fort.

two teenagers

Two teenagers enjoy the day by the river near Nakhal.

sunset at the coast

We raced to the waterfront just in time to capture this image of the sun setting over a small fishing village near Mussanah.

sunset at the coast

And we got some amazing clouds that first day. All in all: fairly successful day.

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  1. Celine

    Wow, you take beautiful photos!

    What did you think of Oman? It’s on the travel list (my husband is really keen to go) but Asia is the focus at the moment, since we live in Hong Kong. This is making me want to go though, it looks beautiful

    I’m with you on the portrait front – not that I take photos anywhere near as nice as yours – I wish I had the nerve to go up to people and ask them to take their photo. I’m glad you got your nerve up though as these portraits are beautiful!

    • Tiffany

      Thank you so much Celine 🙂 I loved Oman, it’s a wonderful place to travel with so many diverse places. There is the beautiful blue coast, rugged brown mountains, green villages and lots of interesting people. I’m actually heading back to Asia tomorrow and will be dropping by in Hong Kong in a few weeks to get Visas for China and Mongolia – so back to “Asia in Focus” too.

  2. Corinne

    Tiffany, What a gorgeous blog. I’m traveling now in Croatia, but I’ll get caught up when I get home. I love, love, love your Oman photos! Stunning!

  3. Calli

    Your photos are stunning Tiffany – I’ve been admiring the Oman in Focus shots posted by different travel bloggers on Facebook. This seems like a wonderful opportunity. With each post you’ve got me visiting skyscanner to find a cheap flight to the Middle East.

    • Tiffany

      Thanks Calli, we had a great group of people and it was a lot of fun. Although I have to say I want to go back and be able to explore on my own, tours are usually a bit too restrictive for me 🙂 You won’t regret going to the Middle East, the hospitality there is absolutely amazing.

  4. Chris Boothman

    An awesome collection of photos here Tiffany, I am intrigued to learn more about Oman! This part of the world is one that I am not very familiar about, probably through ignorance but also because my lack of interest in this region up until recently. Whenever you see quality posts like this however, it sparks an interest and gives you a much more positive outlook on a country like Oman. There are clearly aspects of this society that would be great to experience and just compare how the cultural differences are so opposite to the Western nations.

    Great post Tiffany!

    • Tiffany

      The Middle East hasn’t really been on my radar until recently, but now I can’t wait to explore more. What I really love is the incredible hospitality everywhere, very different from Western nations. Thanks for your great comment, happy travels!


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