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Europe is amazing for photography. The historic architecture of Berlin, which is both influenced by the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and the subsequent division between East and West, kept me and my camera busy. There are many incredibly beautiful buildings in the capital of Germany, but I mainly concentrated my efforts on the Berlin Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate.

There is also more good news: I’ve finally managed to acquire a decent tripod. The days of arduous balancing with the gorilla pod are over. To celebrate, I decided to take pictures of all the light trails. All of them! Going through my photos, I realized that I might have overdone it a tiny little bit.

And here, without further delay, a “best of” from Berlin:

Berlin Dome, Germany

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) in the evening


Brandenburger Tor - Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate


Reichstag - Berlin, Germany



The Wall - Berlin, Germany

Artwork at the Berlin Wall


Mauer Flea Market - Berlin, Germany

Visiting the Mauer Flea Market

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