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I loved Budapest. It’s a great city that has much to offer, both in the beautiful architecture department, as well as the fun department. The many exciting activities sure mix things up a bit and spice up the usual sightseeing. I visited the Széchenyi Baths to do some much-needed stress relieving in the steamy hot water. Coming out squeaky clean and relaxed a few hours later, I immediately went and signed up for caving in the cave system under the city to rise my adrenalin level and dirty myself up again. There is also a the cool central market hall, the greatest and oldest indoor market in Budapest, where people can eat and shop themselves silly.

Brendan and I also managed to drag our lazy butts out in the evenings, to do some much needed photography of the beautiful buildings and that nice cast iron chain bridge. There were very few people around, so it made for some relaxed shooting without me being annoyed at tourists for stumbling into my tripod. Well, there was that one guy who stepped right in front of me, and then felt the need to start waving. Telling him I was working only earned me a huge grin. Some people…

All in all, it was a successful few days, enjoy the results below!

Parliament Building, Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament Building, just as it was being lit up for the night

Chain Bridge, Budapest

The famous chain bridge from below

Budapest by night

View of the Danube and the city at night

Chain Bridge, Budapest

More chain bride and pretty water reflections

Parliament Building, Budapest

One of the many river cruise boats on the Danube, with the Hungarian Parliament Building in the background


The Buda Castle, once the seat of the Hungarian Kings, on the Buda side of town

Chain Bridge, Budapest

Lion flanking the chain bridge

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4 Responses

  1. Travis

    Awesome photos. We had a blast taking photos at night as well. Tourism seems to slow right down in the off-season which is really nice for getting great shots. The chain bridge and castle hill are so photogenic at night. We didn’t get around to the other side of the Danube to take night photos of the Parliament while we were there, but your shots look amazing. We also had a few people very “interested” in us sitting there with a remote and a tripod. Safe travels!

    • Tiffany

      Thanks man, I have started to enjoy Europe a lot more since I got out of the more crowded areas. They are still big cities, but I’m way more relaxed 🙂 I’m kind of bummed out that I didn’t have time to go into all those pretty buildings.

  2. An

    I love Budapest. Such a photogenic city, or at least some of it 🙂 Thanks for posting all these, you take some really great photos. Love the Chain Bridge, and of course Parliament. Buda Castle at night is also a fav. 🙂


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