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I have to admit, that I was bored in Vienna. The Austrian capital is relatively expensive, which leaves someone on a budget, who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of Euros on admission fees, a bit stranded. There aren’t really many activities left, which are both fun and cheap. Consequently, I spent my time in Vienna once again looking at pretty buildings and stuffing myself with Schnitzel. It was, apart from the delicious food, quite the opposite of what I needed to escape the monotony of Europe. But, escaping architecture in Vienna turned out to be about as probable as not stepping in dog poo in Paris. Honestly, after a few months of Europe, I’m sick of pretty buildings. I even wish there was something ugly to look at for once, something with character. Vienna therefore hasn’t left much of an impression with me and I probably won’t visit again till I’ve spent a few weeks out in the country and am sick of looking at cows again.

Still, I don’t want to do Vienna injustice. It is a beautiful city with lots of culture, architecture and impressive palaces. Therefore, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Vienna Opera House

View of the Opera House from the Albertina Terrace

Carriage Vienna

Carriage in front of the Hofburg

Horses in Vienna

I made friends with these two cute fellas

Bird at the "house of the sea"

Colourful bird at the “House of the Sea”




Schönbrunn Palace in some seriously dreary weather

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  1. Zuzana

    I agree with you on those bulidings and everything, but actually I was amazed by Vienna, althought I just visited the Zoo and Schonbrunn. I had a lot of fun in the Zoo and was really amazed. May be give it a chance one more time, if you ever go back. However I liked you have been honest. The Schonbrunn Palace foto is incredible 🙂


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