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My weather-app had already informed me, that during my trip to Amsterdam the weather was going to be miserable. Five days of nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Of course, I had prepared myself with an umbrella and thick coat and thought to myself that “things could be worse.” Being Swiss, rain should be my natural element anyway. All that was left was look for some fun things to do in Amsterdam when it rains.

Things to do in Amsterdam When it Rains: Sex, Cannabis and Torture

However, the wind was blowing from all four directions and the roads had turned into umbrella graveyards. Locals and tourists alike were seen fighting against the storm and umbrellas were simply picked apart by the hurricane-force gusts. The results were screaming and squealing people (or maybe that was just me drowning out everyone else) and the dead and discarded skeletons of umbrellas everywhere. I wish I could have brought my tripod and braved the elements, but fighting the umbrella was clearly enough that day. Inwardly I was dreaming of photographing an ocean somewhere.

Things to do in Amsterdam when it rains: Torture Museum in Amsterdam

This means it was time for some museum visits and it happened to be the perfect day to finally browse through all the sex shops in Amsterdam’s redlight district. Cultured people would have probably chosen the Van Gogh museum on that rainy day in Amsterdam or headed out do do one of the less touristy things, but I felt like having a little bit more fun. First, we walked into the “Medieval Torture Museum”. I spotted this venue spontaneously when passing down that road and thought that it would make for a pretty amusing pastime.

The torture museum looked fun from the outside and it turns out that it’s quite entertaining on the inside as well. At 10 Euros per person it’s fairly pricey for what you actually get. Seeing the whole collection doesn’t take long, but for your money you get a pretty decent compilation of medieval torture devices and you can even stick your head into some guillotine or another. After only half an hour we were ready to head out into the pouring rain again and a new dry activity had to be found.

Things to do in Amsterdam when it rains: Hash and Cannabis Museum

The solution was the “Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum”, which is only a short walk away and shows the whole history of Cannabis. I feel that the admission fee of 9 Euros was a bit more justified this time around. The museum doesn’t explore the phenomenon of Amsterdam’s coffee shops and weed culture though, but rather focuses on the worldwide use and history of the plant. Perfect for a rainy day in Amsterdam.

Pipes and smoking devices from around the world, ancient texts and a lot of pop culture – the museum is quite informative and entertaining. For being somewhat grown-up and rational, Brendan and I definitely enjoyed ourselves a bit too much at a photo station. There, one can stand in front of a green screen and have their picture inserted into a variety of dutch landscapes associated with cannabis and get it sent to an email address. Since we constantly had to bend our knees, I have the suspicion that it is probably meant for kids.

Things to do in Amsterdam when it rains:  Condomerie in Amsterdam

Of course, a visit to Amsterdam on a rainy day isn’t complete without rummaging through some of the many sex shops in town. Most people are looking for a good laugh, want to satisfy their curiosity or enjoy guessing the uses of some of the more obscure sex-toys in the stores. I was looking forward to playing Porn Ping Pong again.

Porn Ping Pong is fun and easy: First you form teams and then read porn titles out loud to each other. If you laugh, the opposing team gets a point. Not bursting out laughing is actually fairly difficult with titles like “Edward Penis Hands,” “Assablanca” or “There’s a Black Man in My Wife’s Ass.” You want to know who won? That’s probably best saved for another indecent article. Despite all the rain, I had a blast in and managed to find some great things to do in Amsterdam when it rains.

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  1. Lauren

    I just like the idea that kids are having their pictures taken in cannabis fields 😛 And, hmm…I’ll guess that Brendan won, but barely. Oh, and tell him I haven’t been able to get that “Big Booty Bitches” song out of my head for two days.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you’re getting up to! 🙂


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