Whatever city you choose to visit when you have a spare weekend free, if you’re looking for museums, you’ll likely find a handful that will provide you with plenty of insight into the local history, heritage and culture. While you may think that the bigwig cities, such as London, are where to go when it comes to the museum offerings, other cities across the country have a wealth of museums on offer, not least of which is Newcastle.

Photo by Hans Peter Schaefer

If you are heading to this vibrant, cosmopolitan northeast city soon, why not enjoy a visit to one of its great museums while you’re there? You won’t be disappointed. Book yourself into the Travelodge in Newcastle and embark on a journey into the local heritage, before enjoying what else the city has to offer its visitors. Whether it’s a modern museum you’re looking for, or you’re interested in the city’s Roman past, the diversity of its museums will provide you with something that will appeal to all ages.

  • Discovery Museum is definitely a museum for the science geeks amongst you. As the city’s answer to the London Science Museum, there are plenty of hands-on activities for you and your children to enjoy, while the Science Maze is a must for inquisitive families.
  • Centre for Life is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and located right in the heart of the city for you to enjoy. Perfect if you’re a lover of science, the Centre for Life is home to a state-of-the-art planetarium, as well as a 4D motion ride, a theatre and a myriad of interactive displays and exhibitions that cover various aspects of science, from physics to biology.
  • Great North Museum, previously known as the Hancock museum, has recently been renovated and upgraded. While it’s always been excellent, it’s now even more stellar, with exhibitions covering ancient civilisations, dinosaurs, and more modern offerings including the Living Planet, to keep you and your fellow visitors enthralled.
  • Seven Stories is an ideal spot to visit if you’re visiting with the little ones. It’s a truly unique museum, set across seven storeys, with plenty of activities on offer to keep the brood entertained, ranging from arts and crafts to dressing up costumes. It’s also home to a great range of original books and manuscripts, while the onsite bookshop is superb for any budding bookworms who’d like to add to their collection.
  • Arbeia may not be in the centre of the city, but a visit to the site in South Shields is well worth the short drive. This Roman fort and museum opens its doors for the season on the 31st March and helps visitors to delve deeper into its Roman past, while introducing you to what day-to-day Roman life would have been like, all those centuries ago.

Make the most out of your trip to Newcastle. From the museums that it’s home to, to the shops and vibrant nightlife, there’s something around every corner that will keep you entertained during your stay. Book your break now and see what the Toon has to offer!

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