Fellow travellers, hostellers, aliens and earthlings, get ready to be launched into space. I just found out that there is a pretty cool (ok, understatement, VERY COOL) contest going on right now, involving a huge giveaway of prizes that a lot of you, myself included, have probably been lusting over for a while.

Your luggage is a disaster? Win a Tortuga backpack. Need a change of scenery? Win a 10-day trip including airfare. Want to channel your inner hippie? Win a collapsible guitar and bring it on the road with you. Want to film those adventure videos you have always dreamed about? Win a GoPro! Need a bath? Win soap (I promise, it’s cool soap).  You get the gist; lots of travel gear and accessories.


It isn’t just the cool space theme that made me perk up when I heard about Hostel Rocket, though. As a long term traveller, I obviously have to mind my budget and want to meet people at the same time, which is why I often choose to stay at hostels. While there is a huge number of hostels out there, the process of trying to find a good one that suits me and, at the same time weed out the bad ones, can be difficult. Sometimes I ask you guys to give me recommendations, but usually I scour booking websites. Lately, I have seen a lot of fake reviews springing up, distorting the ratings and – if they are not glaringly obvious – leading me to choose bad accommodation. Hostel Rocket is new in the world of hostel booking sites, but here to stay and mix up the game.  I’m glad that there is going to be a new competitor with fresh ideas in the market.

hello earthlings

Well fellow aliens, what are you waiting for?

Here’s how it works:
Go to www.hostelrocket.com and sign up with your email address. After that, an email with a link will be sent to you. Share the link around to your friends and stay ahead of them with your ship. Being the first one to land on a planet gets you the juiciest prices, but setting down on stars and comets won’t let you walk away empty handed either. The game runs until April 8th, the official launch date of the rocket.

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Tiffany is a Swiss travel writer, digital nomad, and photographer, who, after a fateful journey through Africa, has decided to get her passport renewed, sell all her junk, and live out of a suitcase in various corners of the world, as well as share the experiences with other travel enthusiasts. This blog is intended to inspire you to pack your bags, leave everything behind for a while, and make you go discover the world. Check her out on .

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