It’s official, I think I finally figured out the question of all questions for photographers visiting the Orlando amusement parks – are tripods allowed at Universal Resort Orlando?

It is a question I have researched before I even went to Universal Resort Orlando – that is Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure – and just couldn’t really find a precise answer to. Various online forums had discussions on the topic, with some people claiming they experienced no problems bringing a tripod and others reporting that they had been stopped by security. There were lots of claims being made, but I couldn’t for the life of me find a definite answer from an official source.

During my time at Universal, I had the chance to talk to a public relations representative, who assured me that tripods are indeed allowed at Universal Resort Orlando, but added that smaller ones are definitely preferable.

I also reached out to Guest Services for a more fleshed out answer and got this:

Please be aware, you are able to bring tripods, monopods and travel pods to the resort. Also, please be advised that when riding our attractions we have a no loose article policy and they would need to be placed in one of the lockers outside the attraction. Please be advised, this policy may vary throughout properties owned by Universal Parks & Resorts™.

This last bit still leaves room for speculation, but I think I’m a bit closer to the answer. Yes, you are allowed to bring tripods, but try to bring not the hugest model you have and place the thing in a locker when you won’t be needing it. Above all, have some fun and try not to get too caught up in the hunt for a good photo. 

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