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This, dear readers, is Dubrovnik, a small Croatian city, tucked into the hillside on the Adriatic Sea:

This is Dubrovnik, viewed from atop the city walls. It doesn't get more perfect than that.

Dubrovnik’s main street, viewed from atop the city walls. It doesn’t get more perfect than that.

A typical alley in Dubrovnik: People, restaurants and romantic lanterns

A typical alley in Dubrovnik: people, restaurants and romantic lanterns.

Well, you have probably heard of it. Dubrovnik isn’t just one of the most visited tourist destinations in the whole Mediterranean, fabled for its beauty and a UNESCO world heritage site, it has also been the filming location of one of the most popular shows on television: Game of Thrones. And if you haven’t heard of that one, you have probably been living under one giant rock these past few years. (Seriously, get to watching already).

As a big fan of the show, I have naturally been extremely excited to finally walk the streets of King’s Landing myself and maybe check out a few of the film sets. The crowds of the high season, which can usually be expected in a city this popular, as well as the ever present cruise ships, were nowhere in sight, which led to beautifully deserted streets, only inhabited by some locals, a few wandering travellers like myself and many many cats.

orange rooftops

Orange rooftops in the sun.

I was told, that the best view of the city is to be had from the city wall, which encircles the old town completely and can be fully explored on foot. On one cloudy afternoon, I decided to finally bite the bullet and splurge on the pretty expensive ticket (90 Kunas). This wouldn’t have been too bad, if it weren’t for a mistake made earlier that day. After giving in to our hunger within the city walls, which resulted in a tiny 10-Dollar sandwich and much frustration, both Brendan and I were not keen on spending any more money on this tourist-trap of a city.

I did gasp at the equally steep price when buying the city-wall tickets and gave the guy behind the counter the stink eye for the ripoff, but as soon as I caught the first glimpse of the city spreading out below me, I decided it was worth it. It was absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. A jumble of houses with orange rooftops sparkled in the sun and in the distance, the deep blue Adriatic Sea shimmered invitingly. For a moment, I wished that I could just run down to the water and take a dip.

Different views of the old town, the clock tower and the harbour from atop the city wall

Different views of the old town, the clock tower and the harbour from atop the city wall.

The old town of Dubrovnik is fairly small and a lap around the city on the walls usually only takes about an hour, at a snails pace that is. It took me two, but I did stop every few feet to take a picture and sometimes spent 10 minutes leaning on the wall while watching the city go about it’s day. Once in a while, whenever I’d spot a filmset, I’d elbow Brendan in the side: the city gate, where our favourite little shithead, King Joffrey, was hit in the face with feces (still one of my favourites), the pier,where Sansa stood with Shae, talking about the departing ships and wishing she could leave as well and the spot, where an unfortunate knight was thrown off the battlements during a tournament. Luckily (or unfortunately), there weren’t any angry peasants pelting us with excrements, only amazing views of a historic and beautiful city, a city that has seen it’s fair share of battles, sieges and even fires, just like it’s HBO doppelgänger.

The city wall sneaking its way along the sea

The city wall, winding its way along the sea.

Satisfied with our walk around the wall, Brendan and I decided to grab some snacks and plop ourselves down at the main square to do some people watching with the 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens (what a big word, I prefer to call it the “spy-lens”) and rest our feet. Although the touristy season was long over and the city was basically empty, we did manage to photograph some interesting locals. Papa-papa-paparazzi!

I won’t bother you with any more photos of the four-legged inhabitants (aka cats), but here are some humans for you to enjoy (well, that might have come out a bit wrong):

Nun walking in the main square

A grumpy nun strolling through the main square.

Children playing

Children playing: Her little mind has formed a plan, and she’s going to execute it.

Old man feeding the pigeons

Old man feeding the pigeons.

Alright, back to this incredible fortress city. Although Dubrovnik’s inhabitants were incredibly interesting characters, the sun was about to set and for us, this meant rushing around the best spots of the city, to try and capture it’s beauty and the architectural jewels in the absolute best light. And with the photos below, I’m going to end this Photo-Essay and hope you enjoyed!

Dubrovnik's main road at dusk

Dubrovnik’s main road at dusk.

The harbour lit up for the night

The harbour lit up for the night.

A street in Dubrovnik

A street in Dubrovnik.

The St. John fortress

The St. John fortress.

The pier where Sansa once talked about ships (or something like that)

The pier where Sansa once stood with that prostitute and talked about ships.

Dubrovnik Castle and the famous pier-turned-filmset

Dubrovnik Castle and the famous pier-turned-filmset.


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    • Tiffany

      I assume you have seen the youtube cut where he gets slapped in the face for about an hour straight? I watch a few minutes of it whenever I feel down 😉

  1. A Southern Gypsy

    Sooo, I’m about to admit something really embarrassing. I love GOT and I was lucky enough to go to Dubrovnik last year. I had NO idea that they filmed part of the show there until after I had come back…I loved the city, but that would have made it even better while I was there. Oh well. These are wonderful photos by the way!

    • Tiffany

      Thanks a lot! You probably still had a wonderful time in Dubrovnik, and it does give a little incentive to visit again some other time 🙂

  2. Calli

    Beautiful pictures, as always! Walking Dubrovnik’s walls was one of my favorite things to do in the city. Always interesting to see real life film sets, they never look the way they do on tv 🙂

  3. Jess

    I think if I went I would have trouble not spending all my time pretending I was a rioting peasant. Then again, they probably get that a lot there.

    • Tiffany

      I spent about 5 days there, the old town is really small so it was more than enough time. They even have a GoT tour there that takes you to all the film sets, but it’s sadly incredibly overpriced. So I just set out to find a couple on my own, which is easy enough to do with some info from the internet.


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